GCE Resources for Teachers

Maximise the impact of your GCE classes with our additional resources.

Teacher factsheets

These five factsheets are packed with up-to-date, rigorously researched data on global themes, that connect with the Teacher Toolkit. Remember key data at a glance, and never be stuck for a fact again!

Sustainable Development
factsheet footprint
Ecological footprint
factsheet climate
factsheet justice
Global justice
factsheet poverty inequality
Poverty & Inequality

Extra toolkit activities

Some activities in the toolkit can be supplemented with the following downloads. Download and print these for use with your students!

SDG Cards

Help your class become SDG experts (p. 9), or explore how development themes are interconnected with the SDG wool web (p. 10).

Power role play (p. 23)

Descriptions of individuals and institutions with the power to respond to climate. Who can work together? Who is in conflict?

Case Study: Dublin / Kigali (p. 28-29)

Compare the similarities and differences in the challenges faced by two cities. What’s at the root of these challenges?

How to use the toolkit

We’ll soon be uploading videos to support teachers to use the Toolkit. Check in with us in a few weeks!

The development of these resources was made possible by the generous support of Worldwise Global Schools.

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