Creating Sustainable Communities

Global Action Plan Ireland supports schools, communities and businesses to take practical action to live as sustainably as possible. 

GAP is part of GAP International – a global network of organisations in over 27 countries, that facilitate behaviour change to promote environmental sustainability.


Our mission is to support people to live more sustainable lifestyles, by offering practical yet creative solutions that inspire people to act.

Equally important, GAP programmes empower individuals to change their long-term consumption habits with sustainable living tools and programmes.


GAP programmes introduce sustainable habits and lifestyle changes, but measurement is key to determining the success of these changes. Correspondingly, we measure the impact and savings of participants actions and use the results for support and feedback.

Measurement of environmental impact is a key metric in continuing to develop our own resources.



Our focus is environmental education and professional training, led by a national team of scientists and expert facilitators. As a result, our goal is to inspire and support everyone to take practical steps towards creating sustainable communities.

Informed by the latest developments in climate and environmental science, GAP’s education programmes are designed to promote energy conservation, water saving and waste prevention.

STRATEGY 2016: One Earth. Act now.


Our goal is to inspire and support people to take practical steps towards creating sustainable communities. Thus, we focus on four main themes: water, energy, food and waste.

These are the values by which we work: collaborative – empowering – ethical – inclusive – innovative. Furthermore, we commit to running our own organisation in as environmentally responsible a manner as possible.

GAP was established in 1995 as a small environmental charity, operating from shared premises in inner-city Dublin. Since then, GAP has established a national role maximising the impact communities have on environmental problems.

This strategy provides a blueprint for GAP’s development. Moreover, it empowers as many communities as possible to adopt a greener lifestyle and play their role in protecting planet Earth.




GAP Strategic Plan 2016


We congratulate Board, staff and supporters – past and present – on their achievements over the past two decades. As a result of this, we can continue to work to create sustainable communities throughout Ireland.