JUST ACTION – Teachers and students towards a sustainable transition


At Global Action Plan, we know (from our work and our own research) that teachers in Ireland see the value of global citizenship education. 

Teachers feel their role includes helping students to develop into resilient, creative members of society, able and motivated to take action. And they know that students are interested in the links between their lives and lifestyles in Ireland on the one hand and global challenges such as climate change and poverty on the other. 

At the same time, teachers feel under-supported, unsure of their ability to explain the many complex dimensions of those global linkages, and unsure of how best to approach “global citizenship education (GCE). 

Our ‘Just Action’ programme aims to bridge this gap, by helping teachers develop their skills, and applying a design-thinking approach to teacher training and resource development..

Our Goals
‘Just Action’ aims to empower teachers in primary and secondary schools to engage their students in climate action through a Global Citizen Education (GCE) lens, while also supporting their students in taking meaningful action. 

More specifically, Just Action wants to:

  1. Provide appropriate educational resources for primary and secondary teachers and their students
  2. Provide a training programme for teachers at both levels, supported by an online Resource and Learning Platform for teacher and student access
  3. Make learners feel empowered to participate as an active global citizen and take action on climate and sustainability issues and challenges that matter to them most
  4. Create greater opportunities for school to collaboration via eTwinning
  5. Grow, scale, and sustain the programme through the regional education systems in each country, thus increasing the access of the programme to schools, teachers and learners nationally and transnationally
  6. Build capacity of the programme partners to manage the design life cycle of educational programmes
Project Activities

In the course of our ‘Just Action’ programme, we will be developing materials to help teachers bring climate action and global citizenship education into their classrooms.

Between now and 2024, we’ll be developing resources for:

In the coming months, the ‘Just Action’ programme will be launching new, teacher approved online GCE resources. 
In addition, you can download some of the toolkits and resources that GAP has developed over the years to help teachers develop their GCE skills. Click on any of the thumbnails below to download our materials, free of charge. Better still, you can contact us if you’d like us to help you find more supports for your work.
1. GAP Ireland Toolkits and Fact Sheets

You can download some of GAP’s GCE resources via the links below. More resources, including video lessons and examples of the toolkits in action, are available here, free of charge.

ACT Teacher Toolkit 2021
Fact Sheet Development & Sustainable Development
Fact Sheet Ecological Footprint
Fact Sheet Climate Change
Fact Sheet Global Justice
Fact Sheet Poverty & Inequality
2. Just Action newsletters
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Download Newsletter 0
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Download Newsletter 1
Project Partners
Global Action Plan Ireland
Global Action Plan Spain
Framtiden i våre hender (Norway)
InEuropa (Italy)

Project number: 2021-1-IE01-KA220-SCH-000031615

Project Official Website: www.justactionproject.eu   

Duration: 36 months (from 01/11/2021 to 01/11/2024)

Our Address

Axis Ballymun,
Main Street, Ballymun,
Dublin 9,
D09 Y9W0,

Registered number: 346806. Charity Number: CHY 15448. Charity Regulatory Number: CRA 20053338.

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