Action for Community Transformation (ACT) is an education programme that empowers adults and groups to create change for sustainable communities. 

In a participatory, transformational learning environment, ACT helps participants to understand local challenges from a critical, global perspective and put this knowledge into practice. Throughout this process, ACTors are supported by our experienced facilitators and expertly-created materials.

Action on Community Transformation offers:

Global Citizenship workshops

ACT works with groups who want to bring positive change to their local areas. Previous participants have included Tidy Towns committees, youth clubs, women’s networks and businesses. Each training workshop is tailored specifically to the needs and focus of the organisation we are working with, which we establish with a pre-workshop interview.

Our development education approach centres on the learners. Through active-learning methods such as discussion, debate, and role-play, learnerss critically exchange and challenge their ideas in a safe space. Our workshops aim to build skills in active citizenship, problem solving, systems thinking and critical thinking, so participants are better able to analyse global and local problems and act on them.

Our workshops are free to groups working in disadvantaged or underserved areas. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you about a workshop!


Action Projects

Our workshops develop participants’ knowledge and skills, but true transformational learning involves acting on that knowledge. Following workshops, we encourage and support participants to take action on issues they have explored in the session. We do this through:
  • Connecting projects with expert knowledge
  • Extending the reach of campaigns through our social media networks
  • Further training connected with the group’s needs

We regularly check in with ACTors projects so they feel supported and empowered to create the changes they want in their communities.


Community facilitators toolkit

Our community toolkit is designed for facilitators who want to lead their groups in learning about global themes. If you’re  an adult educator, a youth group leader, or if you want to build your group’s knowledge of sustainable development, this toolkit is for you! Packed with the most successful activities from our workshops, this toolkit enables you to lead your group on a journey from learning to action. 

And now you can access our Toolkit online! Quickly stimulate debates, show videos, or access key resources at the click of a button, the ACT Online Toolkit is perfect for working with groups of adult learners. Try it today!

ACT Facilitators Online Toolkit

Lead your group to ACT for a more sustainable community

If you have any questions about ACT, please contact [email protected].


Development of the programme has been funded by Irish Aid.

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Registered number: 346806. Charity Number: CHY 15448. Charity Regulatory Number: CRA 20053338.

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