Coming together to make one small change at a time!

Join your team in a Climate Competition, and discover practical ways for you and your team mates to reduce CO₂ emissions – And make sustainability part of your culture.

Global Action Plan’s Climate Competition support businesses, communities and schools in creating an inviting and empowering environment for climate action.

The Challenges enable participants to record climate friendly actions using the Ducky Challenge app, in fun challenges in CO2 Reduction, Food Waste, Plastics and Mindful Citizenship.

Our experience and data show that the small changes become small achievements, and lead to long term behavioural change – And add up to big societal changes.

We embed the core component, the competition between teams to lower carbon emissions over a specified period, in a bespoke programme of support and analysis. 

The challenge is run on digital devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Why run a Climate Competition

  • To highlight and celebrate what people are doing in their daily lives to tackle the climate crisis
  • To build awareness and start crucial conversations about climate issues
  • To build collective team or community spirit and give positive reinforcement about changing old habits
  • To increase motivation to reduce their consumption, which saves money and builds morale

What are the benefits

  • Individual and team engagement
  • Data visuals on CO2 savings
  • Fun climate-friendly competition
  • Support to your overall sustainability mission
  • Affirmation that climate goals are achievable

What do you get

  • 2 or 3 week Climate Competition
  • Online challenge platform for teams to complete together
  • Supportive education programme 
  • Marketing and recruitment support
  • Customer support throughout
  • Optional tree planting initiative

With the Climate Competition platform,
you will be able to see the change and celebrate the success together

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Climate Action Challenge Info Sheet

Sustainable Kildare Case Study

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