Environmental Education and Sustainable Living

Who we are and why we do what we do…

Global Action Plan (GAP) Ireland is a different kind of environmental organisation leading a sustainability action plan with the aim of creating sustainable communities across Ireland. GAP focus on people and how they can take practical action in their everyday lives for a more sustainable world. 

Global Action Plan is part of GAP International – a global network of organisations in over 27 countries, that facilitate behaviour change to promote environmental sustainability.  By focusing on environmental behaviour change, GAP programmes empower individuals to change their long-term consumption habits with sustainable living tools and programmes.

Who we work with…

GAP Ireland focuses on four main themes: water, energy, food and waste. We work with communities of place (towns and villages) and communities of interest (schools and youth groups). We work with people of all ages, businesses of all sizes and we operate throughout Ireland.


Our Community Garden

Our Green Living and Sustainability (GLAS) Community Garden has been serving the Ballymun community  for over the past  7 years.  Our Outdoor environmental education space is open and welcome to anyone who would like to volunteer and with our gardener Sharon on hand to advise and help you, you can learn new skills and grow your own fruits and vegetables too. The greenhouse features, composting, a grow dome and a rainwater harvesting system made from recycled plastic bottles. We don’t use any pesticides on our crops to ensure our produce is chemical free and organic.


My Legacy

Will you leave us a legacy gift for the future? As part of your will, you could help us to continue educating and supporting local communities with environmental education skills for a more sustainable lifestyle that’s good for individuals and for the environment. Consider us at My Legacy.