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Want to know how to conserve more energy? Find out here:
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GAP tips on how to produce less waste:
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Some upcoming events on how to practice green living:
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Practical ways to waste less water in our day to day lives:
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Wondering how to consume food sustainably?
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How can we enjoy fashion in a planet-friendly way?
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Growing our own

Protect our planet by growing our own food!
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Learn with GAP

Our planet is in trouble; we all must unite to halt environmental degradation and climate chaos. At Global Action Plan, we offer a range of opportunities for people of all walks of life to take charge of change, by learning about the causes and solutions to our environmental crisis. Through our workshops and programmes we can offer you the support to discover your power to make a difference.

Go to our Education and Training section to find out more about our workshops or go to our Guides to Action page to get guidance on how to start actions for a sustainable world now.

Volunteer with GAP

Volunteering with GAP is a great way to engage in meaningful volunteer work, while further supporting our society to learn eco-friendly life lessons.

For example, volunteering opportunities can be found at our GLAS Community Garden in Ballymun, where we provide people from disadvantaged communities opportunities to learn new skills in organic gardening and ‘green living’ skills. And it is also a great space for anyone who wants to experience the joys of being out in the open, planting and gardening.

We welcome both individual and group volunteers to our garden. Contact us if you want to discuss this option further. 

Partner with GAP

At Global Action Plan, we support people who are trying to reduce their environmental impact. And we know that there are many different ways in which this can be achieved. We need to protect our planet, and we all must do what we can. 

That is why we work with a diverse range of partners: grassroots organisations, schools, local government and businesses, all working towards a shared aim. And our partnerships take many different forms. We have joint programmes with some, we deliver workshops and services to others, and we receive expert advice or financial support from many others. 

Please get in touch, to discuss what partnership model best suits you and your organisation.

Help us in our work by donating 

 Our expert support to community groups and schools all over Ireland costs money: it takes staff time to help communities organise, learn and develop joint plans of action. 

We can’t do this work without your support. 
We appreciate any support you can give us.  Please click on the button below to donate.
Our promise to you is that your money will be well spent.


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How can we enjoy fashion in a planet-friendly way?
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