Action on Global Citizenship

Global interconnectivity has quickly become one of the most important topics for the international community.  With this in mind, GAP offers three different resources focused on the subject of Global Citizenship:



To register for Teacher and/or Principal Training contact Áine at aine@globalactionplan.ie or (01) 883 2185




Action on Global Citizenship Teacher Toolkit


Action on Global Citizenship is GAP’s BRAND NEW Teacher Toolkit containing 8 chapters walking you through the Sustainable Development Goals and Global Justice.  Within the resource, you will find 24 of our favourite activities fully-planned and resourced.

Launched in Spring 2017 and updated since, this resource is perfect for CSPE/Dev Ed teachers nationwide! With this, your pupils will be one of the first classes to incorporate global citizenship into their coursework. As a result, educators can confidently explore Dev Ed issues through an environmental education perspective.

To download your free copy of this resource click here.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Action on Global Citizenship Teacher and Principal Training


Our one-day Global Citizenship Teacher Training and Principal Training for secondary schools explore the UN Global Goals (SDGs) through interactive and creative activities. 

The training will focus on how to:

  • Integrate a school wide approach to Global Citizenship
  • Use the resource in your classroom
  • Teach your students how to become champions of Global Citizenship
  • The opportunity for 5 teachers to deliver 1 kick-starter workshop with their students after the training

Thekick-starter workshop will work closely with the following curriculum links:

Key Skills for Junior Cycle (2014)

CSPE Specification of Junior Cycle Short Course (June 2016)

A large proportion of the 24 Statements of Learning


Within this bespoke training you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the UN Global Goals
  • Explore a number of interactive Development Education methods
  • Benefit from peer to peer learning
  • Make links to curriculum and CSPE specification
  • Deliver a kick-starter workshop with your students


To facilitate this, throughout the 3 hours we will use peer learning methodologies, giving you time to reflect, share, and learn from your peers.

As a result, participants leave with a critical understanding of global inter-dependence and environmental issues. 

To Register your interest e-mail Áine or call (01) 883 2185

Action on Global Citizenship as Gaeilge


We will translate our popular ‘Action on Global Citizenship’ resource into Irish. This will engage Gaelscoils and Irish classes with the toolkit and establish further curriculum links. The translation of our toolkit will enable us to extend our trainings to more teachers and principals looking to work towards a whole-school approach to Global Citizenship Education.





If you would like to deliver a kick-starter workshop in Irish or attend a training please e-mail Áine at aine@globalactionplan.ie or call at (01) 883 2185


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