Global Action Plan is an accredited member of the SFI Discover Centre Network. We offer DPSM accredited workshops on topics biodiversity, water use, and the science of colour!







Colour Wise Workshop: (3rd – 6th class)

Intricate, fun science experiments exploring the interrelationship between colour and light. Students undertake various experiments including chromatography, the exploration of white light and it’s relationship with colour, and more. The emphasis will be on exploration, questioning, and discovery.


Water Wise Workshop: (1st – 6th class)

A fun, hands-on workshop on the theme of water, and the growing global need to reduce water consumption and pollution. The workshop empowers students to learn about water issues and to take action to reduce their water footprint at home and in their schools. The workshop allows students to question and discover why water conservation is important and where can they make the biggest impact.



Logistics: 1.5 hours per workshop. Held in the classroom, 1 class per workshop. Up to 3 workshops per day
Modified to suit each class, and designed to complement the national curriculum.

For more information and bookings contact one of our education team:

[email protected] | (01) 883 2185


Community Biodiversity: (1st – 6th class)

Have a taste of biodiversity hidden in Dublin city.  A guided community garden tour through the Glas Community Garden interspersed with plant identification games and mathematics activities that will reinforce content and scientific enquiry. Students participate in hands-on planting, learn about the importance of invertebrates and how to identify them, set out on a bug hunt, and finally, tree trails. Appropriate outdoor clothing required.


Logistics: 2 hours per workshop and max 2 workshops per day.
Location: Virgin Mary Community Garden, Ballymun, Dublin 9.

For more information and bookings contact one of our education team: [email protected] | (01) 883 2185



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