Global Action Plan is an accredited member of the SFI Discover Centre Network. 

We offer DPSM accredited inquiry-based workshops on a range of topics including biodiversity, water use, and energy.

Budding Biodiversity: (1st – 6th class)

“Budding Biodiversity” is an experiential workshop for schools which introduces biodiversity at a local level. This workshop can be carried out in GLAS, our wonderful DPSM accredited community garden, or we can visit you in your own school garden. We explore the concepts of ‘ecosystem’ ‘interdependence’ and ‘biodiversity’ through fun activities, plant and invertebrate identification games, and practical challenges, which reinforce scientific inquiry and group problem solving.

This workshop is hands-on from the start. Rolling up their sleeves, students will learn about the importance of our native wild plants and invertebrates and how to identify them, develop organic gardening skills, set out on a bug hunt, and explore the garden’s unique features, such as our wormery, compost heap, pond and up-cycled bottle house.

Senior students may also like to develop citizen science skills by inviting them to partake in a bio-blitz, recording their observations with the National Biodiversity Database.

Finally, students and teachers are supported to take action to increase the biodiversity of their gardens with a range of practical suggestions.

(Appropriate outdoor clothing required).

Water Wise: (1st – 6th class)

“Water Wise” is a fun, hands-on workshop for schools which explores the theme of water from a range of perspectives. Students are introduced to the environmental impacts of our water use through a variety of fun, interactive, and thought-provoking activities, empowering students to learn about the growing global need to reduce water consumption and pollution, and to take action to reduce their water footprint at home and in their schools.


Waste Wise: (1st – 6th class)

“Waste Wise” introduces students to the environmental impacts of our waste through engaging, participatory activities. Students explore overconsumption and waste in an age-appropriate way. The workshop can focus on the themes of litter, plastic, or food waste, or a combination of all three. During the workshop, students will learn from nature’s wonderful recycling invertebrates, as well as explore practical, relevant ways that they themselves can take positive action towards tackling waste in their own communities.

Modified to suit each class, and designed to complement the national curriculum.
Logistics: 2 hours per workshop and max 2 workshops per day.
Location: GLAS Community Garden, Shangan Road, Ballymun, Dublin 9.


For more information and bookings contact one of our education team: [email protected] |   (01) 883 218

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Registered number: 346806. Charity Number: CHY 15448. Charity Regulatory Number: CRA 20053338.

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