Global Action Plan has an array of fun-filled Christmas news to share with our audience – and so, we decided to create a new and exciting page dedicated to this festive occasion! Click on the news pieces below and learn more about how you can be more eco-friendly this Christmas season. 


We will be sharing some of our top tips and tricks on how to increase your sustainability this Christmas break, as well as many more festive treats. So, watch this space, and make to keep an eye on this page for some exciting Christmas news pieces!

Sustainable Christmas: Christmas Tree

It’s Day Seven of ‘Sustainable Christmas,’ and Global Action Plan is looking into how best to celebrate with the Christmas Tree! And so, the age-old question continues, should it be

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Sustainable Christmas: Decorations

As we enter Day Six of the Sustainable Christmas programme, the ‘big day’ is hot on our tails! Therefore, Global Action Plan thought we’d investigate the best possible Christmas decorations

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Sustainable Christmas: Food

The Global Action Plan ‘Sustainable Christmas’ conversation has reached its fifth day, and today we are discussing how best to save on harmful waste through the theme of food!  Food

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Sustainable Christmas: Heating

It’s Day Four of ‘Sustainable Christmas,’ and Global Action Plan believes it is crucial to investigate more planet-friendly festivities through the lens of heating.  Firstly, to keep things cosy, less-costly

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Sustainable Christmas: Transport

It’s Day Three of Global Action Plan’s Sustainable Christmas programme, and today we are discussing some tips and tricks on how to travel around this Christmas season in the most

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Sustainable Christmas: Waste

For Day Two of the Sustainable Christmas Initiative, we are dealing with the theme of ‘Waste.’ Each Christmas, “around 5 extra sacks […] of waste are produced per household,” which

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