It’s Day Four of ‘Sustainable Christmas,’ and Global Action Plan believes it is crucial to investigate more planet-friendly festivities through the lens of heating. 

  • Secondly, some other little adjustments could be made by heating your home only when you need to – don’t leave it on low and constant, it’s a fallacy to think that’s cheaper or better for the environment. Especially with all the extra heat emitted from your hobs and oven, why not make the most of these seasonal activities and let the turkey do the work of heating your house as well?! 

Thirdly, and very simply, close doors and curtains to ensure (1) less heat leaves the house and (2) that the heat is kept in the rooms you’re frequenting this Christmas! This easy and effective advice can make a huge difference and will guarantee you keep your festive, cosy vibes without the extra costs, or emissions! 

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