For Day Two of the Sustainable Christmas Initiative, we focus on the theme of ‘Waste.’ Each Christmas, “around 5 extra sacks […] of waste are produced per household,” which roughly equates to “an extra 1.4 tonnes CO2,” being produced annually through human consumption. 

This waste is being created through a range of festive activities; via food, wrapping paper, unwanted Christmas gifts, and the perpetual stream of Christmas cards being sent across the globe! 

Nonetheless, there are a range of easy and effective ways that we as a society can counteract this waste production and make small changes to our festive plans in order to protect the planet. 

  • Firstly, there’s the never-ending Christmas tree debate; should it be real or fake? Contradictory opinions aside, a “locally-sourced potted tree,” is optimal, and can later be planted outside as a new addition to your growing green garden! 
  • Thirdly, instead of buying a new glitzy outfit for the big day, why not have a root in your wardrobe and dig out an old gem to show off again on Christmas Day, and save on carbon emissions? 
  • And finally – consider exploring zero waste gifts, or gifts that come with minimum waste. Make something for your loved ones; buy second-hand, or browse your local zero-waste shops.

All in all, the GAP message is: Get creative this holiday season; challenge yourself and Go Green this Christmas!


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