Below you will find some tips on how you can take practical action to reduce your waste. 
And don’t forget to scroll down for further tips and background information.


REDUCE that produce!

Pack a waste free lunch, keep leftovers for a snack the next day, or freeze them. Try to buy refill packs (e.g. coffee) and bulk buy larger packets instead of individual portions (e.g. yoghurts, juice, cereal etc.). Buy concentrates instead of diluted products (e.g. laundry eco-wash balls).


Reuse! Reuse! Reuse!

Buy and sell second-hand items, repair instead of replace (e.g. bicycles and appliances), buy reusable instead of disposable (e.g. razors and nappies), donate old durable goods to charity (e.g. fridge or couch), re-use gift bags and any paper, re-use glass jars instead of buying storage containers, tumbler glasses or candle holders


RECYCLE that item!

If it can’t be reused, separate your waste! Keep an old cardboard box handy for any glass you won’t reuse and take it to a Bring Bank or other recycling facility every other month. Find out who your waste collection provider is and exactly what can be put in your recycling bin. Most green bins will take all clean, dry papers, plastics, aluminum and tin cans as well as TetraPak.

To know more about your recycling symbols, look at our blog about this subject – What Recycling Symbols mean? 


ROT the lot!

Start a compost bin/heap  for food (e.g. fruit, vegetables, teabags etc.) and garden waste (e.g. leaves, grass etc.), use your organic waste bin  for any food waste you don’t want in your compost bin (e.g. meat, dairy) and buy biodegradable!

If you are curious about composting, get in touch. We run regular composting workshops online, in our community garden and in community spaces around the country.

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It is time to get serious about recycling.

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