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Will you help keep KitKat Fairtrade?

Will you help keep KitKat fair trade?

In the last few weeks, we’ve talked about buying fair trade items, palm oil’s effects on the environment, and shopping responsibly,    on our Facebook. When shopping you may have seen other symbols and logos on popular items before like the ones shown below. 🍫 These symbols are examples of in-house certifications and programs organized by […]

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GAP’s visit to the Mansion House

Following a visit to Global Action Plan’s Green Living and Sustainability (GLAS) Community Garden in December,  the Lord Mayor of Dublin City Paul McAullife welcomed  the Global Action Plan team and the community garden service users to the Mansion House on Wednesday 5th of February. The Lord Mayor took this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate […]

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Climate Action Now!

“Our house is on fire” – Greta Thunburg explains the urgency we need to tackle the climate crisis.    We have all heard and seen the devastating impact climate change is having on people, animals and the environment across the planet. The frequency and extremity of these weather events are a cause of concern and […]

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