Volunteer with GAP

Volunteering with GAP is a great way to provide employees an engaging unique time to contribute their volunteering hours while supporting our mission and learning new skills.

Volunteering in our GLAS Community Garden in Ballymun gives the opportunity to learn new skills in organic gardening while supporting disadvantaged communities that use the garden on a weekly basis. We welcome individual volunteers to our garden. Simply drop down and talk with our community gardener. We greatly value groups from businesses who are looking to engage with community groups to support their own Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

Or contact us via our website if you are interest in corporate volunteering opportunities

Our Community Garden

Our Green Living and Sustainability (GLAS) Community Garden has been serving the Ballymun community  for over the past  7 years.  Our Outdoor environmental education space is open and welcome to anyone who would like to volunteer and with our gardener Sharon on hand to advise and help you, you can learn new skills and grow your own fruits and vegetables too. The greenhouse features, composting, a grow dome and a rainwater harvesting system made from recycled plastic bottles. We don’t use any pesticides on our crops to ensure our produce is chemical free and organic.


We also welcome skills based volunteering where employees can give their expertise and time to GAP staff in supporting internal organisational development.

Reach out through our Contact page to discuss how we can work together towards a better sustainable world.

Registered number: 346806. Charity Number: CHY 15448. Charity Regulatory Number: CRA 20053338.

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