Global Action Plan writes to the members of the Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity Loss

In April, we wrote about the start of the Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity Loss. Since then, we have been discussing with partners and volunteers, and we have now communicated the result of our conversations to the members of the Citizens Assembly.

Having worked with other environmental organisations in the Irish Environmental Pillar to compile a set of recommendations on how the Government can improve the protection of Ireland’s biodiversity, we  also set out our own views on the matter in our own submission:

Our unique experience, as an environmental organisation focusing on behaviour change, means we have a different perspective to most other organisations. 

In our submission, we echoed the submissions of other organisations that have documented the serious consequences of Ireland’s deteriorating environmental health, its impact on humanity and on all other life. And we emphasised the steps that can be taken to empower people and communities all over Ireland to take charge of their future, and to break the cycle of environmental destruction, climate chaos and human development inequity.

In our submission, we listed a series of biodiversity smart actions for people to take in their communities, at work or in their homes. 

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