In April 2022, the Government kicked off its Citizens Assembly on Biodiversity Loss

The biodiversity Citizens Assembly will consider the threats of biodiversity loss and how to reverse it; the main causes and impacts of biodiversity loss; and how to improve the government’s response and measure progress.

Biodiversity loss and what to do about it  is one of the defining issues of our time. And now YOU can have a say.

Through the Citizens Assembly, we can remind the people of Ireland that to safeguard our future, we must protect biodiversity. And to protect biodiversity, we must adopt more sustainable, and more climate-friendly, practices in all aspects of our lives.

Click here if you want to learn more about Biodiversity.

As an organisation working nationally, and with a unique experience in promoting biodiversity and environmental awareness in an urban setting, Global Action Plan is very keen to ensure that the people and communities we work with are heard. 

Contact Global Action Plan if you want to contribute to the Citizens Assembly discussions. 

Through our work, we have learned that local communities play a vital role in biodiversity conservation. (See for instance our Park Stewardship programme and our social inclusion work in Ballymun) And that is why it is essential that communities are listened to, when making environmental protection decisions just as in cases where new economic development decisions are made. 

The reversal of biodiversity loss requires a re-think of the way we have organised our society; it requires new approaches at all levels. To succeed, it is important that partnerships are built, and that people of many different backgrounds are involved in the discussions. 

When governments, communities, environmental NGOs and others work together, their work has a greater long-term impact, and their work together also contributes to mutual trust.

To make that happen, local communities must be supported. Decision-makers must understand the background (and any past bad experiences) of community groups, and they must make the tools, time and knowledge available to ensure groups are given a chance to participate meaningfully. 

If you have any thoughts on biodiversity in your local area, or if you have any ideas you want to share with the Citizens Assembly, do get in touch, and we can assist you. 


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