Today marked the end of the first ever Climate Action Challenge in Ireland. The challenge was delivered by Global Action Plan in partnership with for County Kildare Chamber as part of a year long climate action championship called Sustainable Kildare. 

22 companies participated in the first of three 3 week challenges using the Ducky challenge platform to log their climate friendly actions daily. And the results were impressive. The campaign provided companies a space to engage in climate friendly actions at home and at work and, more importantly, start dialogues on how to reduce their CO2 impact in all areas of life.

Below is the data directly pulled from the Ducky platform for the first Sustainable Kildare Challenge on the key most popular activities logged as well as a summary of the CO2 saved by all companies.

The most common activities logged

And the least common activities logged

What does the data tell us?

Firstly what is clear to see is that small actions add up. If everyone in Ireland took up this challenge and achieved the same results, nearly 780,000 tonnes of CO2 would be saved. This is equivalent to over 11 million trees planted and grown for 10 years

And there are just the small actions. What if we all switched to renewable energy?  What if we all transformed our diet with reduced meat and dairy? What if we all changed our banking to a provider that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels? Or we voted politicians in who had a serious commitment to climate action?

If we combine the small changes with the big ones, the systematic ones, we can turn the dial together. 

Invest in public transport?

The data tells us too that there is not enough investment into electric cars and the supportive infrastructure in Kildare. What is most concerning is that the data shows us that the public transport network for employees in Kildare does not meet their needs. Out of nearly 15,000 activities logged by 124 people, only 18  times out of nearly 14,880 possibilities for all participants  did someone took public transport over 3 weeks. Here is a call to action right now!

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