Archive: April 2017

The Irish Spud – Growing Potatoes

There are 1000’s of potato varieties, each with distinct colours, shapes and flavour. As Ireland’s most well known veg it is worth growing potatoes even if you only have the smallest of spaces. SEED POTATOES: Seed potatoes aren’t really seeds at all. They are full-size potatoes that are allowed to start producing shoots, which you often see […]

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Youth Environmental Sustainability Series

We recently completed a 4 week programme on Environmental Sustainability with a group of TY’s from Kilbarrack Youth Project.   Take a look at their World Word Cloud on Sustainable Development:   Together, we explored environmental ethics, energy and climate change, the world of water as well as food miles and waste.   Examples of results from the programme: […]

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RECYCLING SYMBOLS – What do they mean? Recycled Vs Recyclable?

We have more recycling options than ever, but knowing exactly what each of the recycling symbols and product labels mean is often not clear. Recycling is easy when you know how. Recycling symbols indicate whether or not an item can be recycled, how to dispose of the item, or if it’s made of recycled material – we need to know […]

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