“Climate Action” is a hands-on workshop for schools, which introduces them to current climate science and the topic of climate change in an age-appropriate, interactive, and action-focused way. The workshop incorporates a variety of interactive and thought-provoking activities, which encourage students to envisage a better world and to come up with actions to take to bring them closer to that vision. Students are encouraged to hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to devise creative solutions. We will also share positive examples of climate action in communities around Ireland, and the wider world to empower students to stay positive and feel connected to a broader movement. Students will also be encouraged and supported to take on a climate action project in their school communities. 

This workshop is suitable for all primary level students and students at the junior and TY stages of secondary level. Learning outcomes are adapted to respond to the age and interests of the students. Each workshop will last approximately 1.5 hours and up to 3 workshops can be delivered per day in each school. Workshops can be delivered to one class (approx 30 students) at a time.

Our workshops start from €200 and are delivered across one day. We have an incremental cost for multiple workshops in one day.

  • One workshop – €200
  • Two workshops – €275
  • Three workshops – €350
  • Four workshops – €425

Travel costs will also apply where applicable. We offer 15% discounts for DEIS schools.

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Registered number: 346806. Charity Number: CHY 15448. Charity Regulatory Number: CRA 20053338.

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