In this World Water Week 28 August – 2 September, 2016 –  we are looking back to the accomplishments of 2 Irish schools who have supported improvements to a rainwater harvesting system in a South African School.

Water for Sustainable Growth

Our top 2 Water Explorer schools in Ireland donated €400 to Corrie Lynn Primary School in South Africa to improve their rainwater harvesting system, known locally as jojo tanks.

Principal Thenjiwe said, “We are so honoured and grateful that our small little school has been thought of in this way, this gift will really help us to be more sustainable in terms of water use…we are now more motivated than ever! Please convey a very big thank you to the very generous and thoughtful schools.”


The students in Corrie Lynn designed postcards to thank the students of Berrings National School and Convent of Mercy GNS Kanturk:




Our international Water Explorer delivery partner from Wildlife and Environment Society of SA explained how the donations from Irish schools will help –

“Your funding will really help to improve their rainwater harvesting system, as currently, they have no piped water and rely on a municipal water tanker that delivers 2000 litres per week. Having a rainwater harvesting system will enable them to be more independent as sometimes the water tanker doesn’t come. We are also having a bad drought at the moment so planning and preparing for future droughts is very important.”

The ESRI produced a report in 2014 estimating that the average water consumption per person per day in Ireland was 122 litres.

The students of Corrie Lynn in South Africa are allocated a maximum of 5 litres per day in school.


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