lts-facebook-coverThe Lets Talk Science Festival was an incredible end to Science Week 2016! Now that all of the test-tubes, microscopes and dry ice have been carefully stored away, what did we learn this ScienceWeek?


Frozen CO2 is one of the few substances that skips the liquid state and transforms from a solid to a gas. This transformation is known as sublimation and all about the theatrics! It was great fun for our young scientists to experience up close!



Preparing and using microscopes to examine and compare particles is intricate work. Our aspiring geologists investigated samples of sand collected from beaches and industries across Ireland.



Our slippery squid arrived by special delivery from Galway Atlantaquaria before the event. These squid are used to feed many of the animals in the aquarium as they are an abundant and nutritious food, not to mention very tasty for a hungry fish. Guided by Padraic our marine biologist, participants learned to identify and dissect each part of the squid, carefully extracting the eye lenses, ink sack and pen.



Participants were tasked with building a waterproof flood defence model with limited materials and against the clock! Lego props were critical to the experiment as they had to be protected from the impending flood for as long as possible! This was a favorite for all the future engineers who attended as they were able to put their skills to the test.



The analysis of fingerprint referencing attracted budding criminologists who were challenged with identification tasks and reaction times.


The Lets Talk Science Festival is an annual event hosted by Global Action Plan and Rediscovery Centre for Science Week Ireland. It is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

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