We celebrated Heritage Week 2017 with two fun-filled events for families from all over.  All 51 participants explored the Irish heritage at the North Bull Island Nature Reserve and Glás Community Garden.




This year’s theme for Heritage Week was “It’s in your nature,” so we took visitors through Dublin’s natural world.  Who can deny the fun of Ireland’s first UNESCO biosphere or a local community garden? Our own Education Officer, Padraic Creedon couldn’t contain his excitement when asked about the weekend. “The stand out moment for me this year was how enthralled the children were with the wildlife on North Bull Island and I don’t blame them, I feel the same way everytime I step foot onto that Island.”





There was something to learn for everyone. For those interested in animal-life, we taught them how to tell the difference between moths and butterflies. In terms of plant-life, we taught them how a potato turns poisonous, and how to make tea from garden herbs!




Heritage Week 2017
Photo by Mark Steadman, The Heritage Council.

Participants used all five senses to explore their natural environment, but what tour isn’t complete without a few stories? Padraic told the ancient legends of when Princess Étaín of Ulster was cursed as a butterfly and why Thor protected the Rowan tree.




Whether it be picking freshly grown raspberries, making ‘wild tea’, sneaking a peak of the elusive pale tussock caterpillar, or conducting experiments to learn the starch content in various foods, these workshops made sure that every aspect of heritage was present.


Click here to stay up to date with any future workshops we may have. We’d love to see you there!


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