Primary Schools

Global Action Plan Ireland delivers workshops in primary schools tailored to each group’s interests, schedule, and abilities.

Explore and understand water pollution and conservation, transport, waste and recycling, energy or biodiversity….GAP Ireland has incredible supports and workshops for schools going green! All workshops have strong links to the national curriculum with specific, practical actions each student, teacher, and school can easily implement to make a significant environmental impact.

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A fun, hands on workshop on the theme of water, and the growing global need to reduce water consumption and pollution. The workshop empowers students to learn about water issues and to take action to reduce their water footprint at home and in their schools. The workshop allows students to question and discover why water conservation is important and where can they make the biggest impact.


Water Explorer is a free to use, online educational resource for students aged 8-15 to engage with fun water saving challenges! Schools/youth groups can register here:




rTLxdo5LcTRANSPORT WISE WORKSHOP:  (1st – 6th class)

How we choose to get from A to B  depends on many things: Timing, traffic, cost, difficulty and speed. This workshop will take students on a journey through their own understanding of travel and transport. Using group games and student-led activities they will discover that transport may not be as simple as they first thought, beginning to question what makes a good form of transport? Is it something that is healthy? Something fast? Or something sustainable and environmentally friendly? Do they have to be mutually exclusive?




WASTE WISE WORKSHOP: (1st – 6th class)garbage-container_318-48483.png

The idea of reducing, reusing and recycling is widely communicated, but WHY should we and what BENEFIT is it providing? Students learn key facts about waste generation in Ireland, different types of waste, how long materials take to breakdown, and innovative ways of reusing our waste. This is presented through group led games and hands-on activities where students will discover their impact on Ireland’s waste.




Breathe_ActionIcons_v2-11ENERGY WISE WORKSHOP: (1st – 6th class)

Energy is all around us, it comes in many forms and has endless uses; but at what cost? Students discover what energy is and how we get it. Participating in games and experiential activities to examine what it takes to create the energy we require and the potential impacts using that energy has on the world. Students will grow their knowledge on climate change,  the causes of this global issue and the many ways that it can be combatted.




aieoMAr9TBIODIVERSITY WISE WORKSHOP: (1st – 6th class)

Takes the hunt for wildlife knowledge to your school! Students will use group-based games to learn what biodiversity is and why it’s important. The workshop can then be taken outside of the school grounds for a bug hunt as students get first-hand experience finding, examining and identifying various insects found right on their doorstep.

(Appropriate outdoor clothing required).




Critically engages with issues of what is equitable and just, and what will minimise harm to our planet. Exploring global citizenship themes enables students to grow more confident in standing up for their beliefs, and more skilled in evaluating the ethics and impact of their decisions.

Logistics: 1.5 hours per workshop. Held in the classroom, 1 class per workshop. Up to 3 workshops per day
Modified to suit each class, and designed to complement the national curriculum.

For more information and bookings contact: | (01) 883 2185




All of GAP’s educators are professionally trained and experienced in the delivery of education workshops, 
have a science/environmental science background, are Garda vetted and trained in child protection.