Global Action Plan is delighted to be working in partnership with the Irish Architecture Foundation on the ‘Reimagine’ project, which is funded by the Creative Climate Action Fund. 

This project works with 3 communities from Bord na Móna villages in Roscommon, Offaly and Longford over the course of the project. 

In the 1950s, the Irish Government funded the construction of a number of workers’ villages in locations as planned communities for those who had come to the midlands to work for Bord na Móna. The villages were all designed by Frank Gibney, whose approach to sustainable planning is a great legacy. Workers’ Villages is a commemoration of this legacy and an exploration of what we can learn from these villages and their designs as we move towards a sustainable future. 

‘Reimagine Workers’ Villages’ is one of 15 projects from all around the country that is being funded by Creative Ireland through its €2 million Creative Climate Action fund, which looks at using creative methods to build real change in communities to fight climate change.

We strongly believe that engaging with and supporting communities is an essential facet of a just transition away from fossil fuels. The co-design process, which puts community needs and ideas at its centre, is well underway in Cloontuskert and a second project with the village of Kilcormac, Co. Offaly, is now underway. 

Our Role

As part of the partnership with Irish Architect Foundation, we are providing the following supports to the project and community

  • Support of Reimagine Clinics with communities
  • Workshops for community sustainability and climate action
  • Integration of impact evaluation into the programme
  • Provide insights and expertise into behavioural change

The project runs from September 2021 to November 2022.

Find out more about the Reimagine Project

Find out more about Reimagine here:

Latest Project News

We continue to support the community and architects to engage together in creating a project that celebrates the ingenuity and resilience of the community, and connects to the community’s own climate action goals.
Global Action Plan and the Irish Architecture Foundation recently brought Cloontuskert and Kilcormac communities together for a workshop to explore the many similarities in the history of the two communities, to share their strong sense of place and to reflect on their hopes for the future.
Both communities  share a desire to preserve their valuable heritage and to look forward to a more sustainable future. At this time of great change, it was a privilege to hear the community share reflections on the past as well as ideas about what a fair and just transition should look like in their daily lives. 
Biodiversity Walk on Cloontuskert Bog, May 2022
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