In the lead-up to Christmas, it is often questionable whether one can really be sustainable, and if possible, how a ‘green’ Christmas can actually be achieved. As it turns out, it is possible, and GAP Ireland is here to give you the top tips and tricks on how to do so! GAP Ireland has now launched a new online initiative centered around promoting an eco-friendly Christmas, whereby we share our favorite ways to increase Christmas sustainability and get the best out of your holiday cheers! For Day One, we are dealing with the theme of ‘Energy.’ 

Christmas is a holiday where a mass of energy is used up, by both individuals and corporations; reaching a record high in 2020 of 5,100 megawatts (MW) in Ireland. As a result, it is important to focus on the smallest of details, and ensure we do as much as we can in our day-to-day festive activities in order to conserve energy. For instance, we’ve all left the house in a hurry one Christmas and forgot to switch off the Christmas lights! However, there are ways to minimize the energy usage of our Christmas lights, such as choosing LED lights if you can. A novel investment into ‘smart plugs,’ or a smart home app can allow one to switch on or off the Christmas lights remotely – which will also lead to smaller electricity bills in January – it’s a win-win! Another great energy and money saver are solar-powered outdoor lights. 

In the kitchen, try to minimize the amount of time you leave your fridge door open, and avoid putting warm food in the fridge, as it takes a significant amount of energy for refrigerators to keep cool. Switching off your hob or oven and using residual heat during the last few minutes of cooking, and using pot lids while boiling, are simple and cost-saving methods for reducing energy usage.

So, this Christmas, try to think about the smaller, more scalable changes that you can make to ensure a safer, more cost-effective, and festive Christmas break!

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