No garden? no problem! Here’s a few tips on how to get started growing in small spaces.
Go vertical: if you only have limited space – go up (think runner beans, tomatoes, climbers, etc).

Pots: big and small, window boxes, hanging baskets, even old tyres, banged up bathtubs, fishing crates and many other “scrap” containers can be used for growing a vast range of plant and not just traditional flowers either!  Many fruit and vegetables do very well in pots or other containers, for example, salad leaves, beetroots, herbs such as chives and sage, baby carrots, runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries even dwarf apple trees.

Think water: Containers and pots dry out much quicker than beds do, so you will need to keep them watered in dry weather. Mornings and evenings are best and rainwater is the Ballygowan of the plant world, so install a water butt if you can.

Compost: Get as much compost, well-rotted manure or other well-rotted organic matter into your pots as much as possible. This will give nourishment to your plants and help the containers to retain more moisture – meaning less watering!

Choose Trailers: Trailing varieties of plants such as trailing nasturtiums, rosemary, cotoneaster and many more, give more plant for less soil…pumpkins also look great sprawling out across your patio!

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