Throughout the month of May, young people from the Kilbarrack Youth Project completed a four-part Waste Action Project. This culminated in the celebration of European Sustainable Development Week on the 31st of May!

First, they were introduced to the importance of waste action, recycling, and using a compost bin. This interactive project allows for the young people to learn how they can be a part of making the Sustainable Development Goals a success!



Specifically, Goal 11: creating sustainable cities and communities and Goal 12: responsible consumption and production.


After they learned the basics, they then completed an audit around their centre in order to formulate an action plan with measureable results. While they did receive initial assistance from GAP Environmental Programme Officer Gráinne, the finalisation of the plan is completed independently.

But these workshops weren’t all work!



There were also fun activities such as poster making and waste games along with a few prizes for the participants!





In the third session, the young people then completed progress reports as well as the final steps for their campaign to ensure that will yield the best results. Typically, campaigns created by schools and youth clubs would lead to a 40% savings in waste that ends up in landfill.



During their final session, the young people celebrated the difference their campaign has made in just a few weeks, and planned their next waste audit for July. The centre’s bin provider Panda will also provide new recycling bins for just €4.50, saving the centre €18.50 per lift, and new compost bins for just €12, saving a further €11 per lift. This could potentially save the centre over €1500 per year!




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This project was supported by Northside Partnership for ESD Week 2017

European Sustainable Development Week 2017

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