Take Action on Food Waste

According to a 2013 report by UNEP and the World Resources Institute (WRI), about one-third of all food produced worldwide, gets lost or wasted in food production and consumption systems.

When this figure is converted to calories, this means that about 1 in 4 calories intended for consumption is never actually eaten.

In a world full of hunger, volatile food prices , and social unrest, these statistics are more than just shocking:  they are environmentally, morally and economically outrageous.

Source: World Food Day [online] Availabe at: http://www.worldfooddayusa.org/food_waste_the_facts




Our international GAP partners have developed a food program that can help you to make a difference. FAct!

And here is how to get started:

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For starters, here are 7 surprising FActs about the food we eat:

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FAct! is a EU Erasmus+ program to help you review your food habits. It makes it easy to make simple changes with big results.

The program is divided into 3 topics:

  • Food waste
  • Food, climate & environment
  • Food & health

It offers really simple recipes for action and for food: do what you’ve been wanting to do, enjoy the experience of discovering new habits (and maybe new friends), track your own progress.


The program is available in 5 languages: English, Italian, German, Hungarian and Spanish.

There’s also an online library if you want to learn more, or find more new recipes.

Join the Action!