At Global Action Plan, we believe that environmental education is essential for equipping people of all ages with the skills they need for our rapidly changing world.

Environmental education allows individuals to explore issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve our natural environment, on which we depend.

This is why we have developed a range of services and supports for educators in schools and in adult education, to help them guide students on their learning journey.

And we have discovered that there are few things as powerful as outdoor education.

The Benefits of Learning Outdoors

Having regular contact with nature is so important for children. The benefits to physical and mental health, as well as academic learning outcomes, are well documented. A survey carried out by Plymouth University found that “Learning in Natural environments” (LINE) benefited both teachers and learners (Waite, S et al, 2016). LINE had positive impacts for pupils in their enjoyment of lessons (95%), connection to nature (94%), social skills (93%), engagement with learning (92%), health and well-being (92%), behaviour (85%), and educational attainment (57%).

The good news is that more and more organisations now recognise the value and importance of connecting with nature through outdoor learning.

Not only do our children stand to benefit hugely from learning outdoors, but by fostering a love of nature, we invest in the development of future stewards of the natural world, the home we share with so many species now sadly under threat because of human actions.

If you’d like to arrange a workshop with GAP to support you in teaching and learning about Biodiversity and Outdoor Education,
contact us at [email protected] 
or fill in our online booking form.

‘No-one will protect what they don’t care about,
and no-one will care about what they have never experienced.’ 

David Attenborough


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