Global Action Plan (GAP) Ireland is proud to launch a free online platform for householders all over Ireland who want to reduce waste and use of energy and water in the home while at the same time saving on household bills.

GAP’s longest standing programme, the Green Living programme (GLP) has been supporting householders in Ireland since 1995 to reduce their impact on the environment by encouraging simple behaviour change in the areas of reducing waste production, and reducing water and energy consumption. This action-oriented programme also helps individuals save money on their household bills.

GAP Ireland are now launching an online pilot version of this programme adapted from our colleagues in GAP Spain who have reached an incredible 40,000 participants in 200 Spanish towns and villages since 2005 with the platform.

We are calling on Irish householders to sign up for this free and exciting environmental initiative, and discover how you can make a positive change to consuming less in your home while reducing your bills at the same time!

“Climate change is a reality and the biggest issue of our time. While the impact of climate change such as rising sea levels, extreme drought, and other serious climate events may appear overwhelming, there are ways in which each of us as individuals can feel empowered to make positive change by taking simple steps to reducing the demands on the planet’s finite resources – after all, lots of simple actions combined can make a big difference!” Gráinne Ryan, GAP Ireland’s Project Officer.

So far this year, the Green Living Programme in Ireland has worked with 130 people, supporting them each week to make positive environmental choices. Our aim now is to double this number reached before the end of 2015 through our new online platform!

Action on Waste

This year our participants combined have saved an estimated €6,000 and divert over 150m3 of waste from landfill, reducing the associated CO2 levels by over 2,500m3 and the Methane levels by more than 4,000m3.

Action on Energy

Approximately €2,000 on energy bills will be saved by programme participants from this year alone! That’s a reduction of over 10,000kWh, reducing the associated CO2 levels by more than 5,000kg!

Action on Water

1,000,000 litres of precious water has been saved in Dublin in this year alone thanks to our participants from 2015, with a savings of about €2,500, not to mention the reduction in the associated CO2 levels (4,000kg).


Register today and become part of the solution

Simple actions with a global range

Let’s stand together and combat climate change!

Register today at with the participant pin: 19293



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission          europe-icon




About Global Action Plan
Global Action Plan Ireland is an award-winning environmental charity, which delivers environmental behaviour change projects across Ireland. For more information, visit

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