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WEEK 1 PROGRESS (08/08/16)

The Green Living Programme (GLP) started on Monday evening at the Sillogue Neighbourhood Centre; the ladies were very keen to learn more about reducing their waste consumption and reusing materials before recycling them.

Everyone pledged to reduce the plastic packaging they buy and use their reusable material shopping bags supplied by GAP.


If you would like to come along and join the GLP, contact Orla.


WEEK 2 PROGRESS (15/08/16)

Local active citizens enjoyed Week 2 of the GLP at the Sillogue Resource Centre, covering the themes of water reduction and pollution. The ladies were surprised to learn that that a cup of tea contains 35 hidden litres in  growing, harvesting, cleaning, drying, producing and transporting, but coffee is the thirstiest requiring whopping 140 litres per cup!



The next GLP meeting is Monday 22nd August. If you would like to come along contact Orla.


WEEK 3 PROGRESS (22/08/16)

Week 3 of the GLP at the Sillogue Resource Centre, covered the topic of food waste while thinking about the environment and health. This week the ladies learnt that each person in Ireland throws out >80kg of food waste each year. When added up for all people in Ireland it means that >300,000 tonnes of food is going to waste each year in our homes.  The group has pledged to monitor what foods get thrown out each week by using a food waste log and aim to reduce this.

They were also shocked to believe that some of the apples they buy from the local store have travelled on average 5840miles (9397km) from South Africia to get to the shelves. They have pledged to look at food labels while shopping.

Ronny from the Muc N Magic community garden in Ballymun shared his knowledge with the ladies showing them how to take cuttings from fresh herbs like mint & sage, and the group took home some planted clippings to continue growing at home.

Safefood Ireland supplied us with the 101 Square meals book and the Spaghetti measure for each participant.



WEEK 4  (29/08/16)

Ladies at the Sillogue Resource Centre completed the Energy session of the GLP. They learnt that most companies rate your electricity use using the AC band, but many of the ladies were B rated they. The next steps for them are to work towards gaining an A rating with some expert advice from Orla.


The ladies also pledged that when buying new appliances they will buy A rated when possible, By purchasing an ‘A’ rated fridge instead of a ‘C’ rated one, each household could save €14 per annum or collectively €18m nationally, with CO2 savings of over 85,000 tonnes annually.




Quote from GLP participant Sandra Fagan,

“After completing the Green Living Programme I am much more aware around wasting water, food, and energy in the home. I am passing the information on to the all the family. We are all changing our habitats to live more sustainable.”


Quote from GLP participant Bernie Moore,

” I have set up a waste separation system at home, I have noticed the reduction in waste going to landfill. Family members are all using the Green Bin since the systems are in place.”



The next 4-part Green Living Programme begins on Tuesday 6th September. For more information and to reserve a place contact Orla our Community Project Officer 0m 01 883 2185

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