YogaHub hosted a charity yoga event in The CHQ Building on Saturday 7th Janurary from 10am-1pm

Lead by Michael Ryan, this 90 minute Bowspring Yoga practice focused on the Art of Sustainable Energy. Followed by a discussion with the GAP team on ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint at home.
All proceeds went to Global Action Plan CLG.


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Followed by a short discussion from Global Action Plan’s Padriac on ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint at home:


There is no doubt that Climate change is the single greatest threat facing humanity at the moment. We live in an increasingly uncertain world and at times it can seem like its only getting worse. This is only true if every person on the planet has given up on trying to help.

So how does one person make any difference at all to such a huge global problem such as climate change?

Easy. Two steps.



Be the change you want to see in the world. It all starts with you. When you go home today have a read of this leaflet or Google some climate change tips. Then try them out. Can you do all of them? Probably not. Make the easy changes first.



Just keep doing it. Chat to people who you think may be interested in being more environmentally friendly. Seeing you actively reducing your carbon footprint may inspire others to be a little more eco conscious themselves.

There in lies the power of one person.

We are never on our own. You will constantly be inspiring the people around you like your partners, family, friends and housemates to being more eco friendly. As they start becoming more eco friendly themselves, each one of them will inspire some of their partners, families, friends and housemates and so on and so on.

You might see the change happen, it might be obvious and fast or you might not. People might change slowly and in ways that you don’t see. But I assure you, it is happening. We don’t always see the positive changes and often we only see the bad in the world, but most people like you and me want to change, they want to make this world a better, greener and more sustainable place. More people than ever before want this. All we have to do is start making some more sustainable choices and watch as the world follows,




Download GAP’s sustainability actions to reduce your carbon footprint at home.

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