The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Caroline Conroy, today (31 August) visited the GLAS community garden in Ballymun, congratulating all those involved in the initiative. 

The GLAS garden, operated by Global Action Plan, opened in 2011, provides a space of learning, exploration and social inclusion for the community in Ballymun. 

Commenting following the visit, the Lord Mayor said:

“The GLAS garden is a fantastic opportunity for anybody in the local community to come down and experience what community is, what growing your own is.

Initiatives like this garden are really important in every community, because they open up the door to new people to get involved in their community, breaking down barriers, meeting people from different backgrounds.

The garden is looking fantastic, and I congratulate the GAP team and everyone involved.”

Hans Zomer, Chief Executive of Global Action Plan, the environmental organisation that runs the GLAS garden, said:

“It has been an honour to welcome the Lord Mayor of Dublin to our community garden here in North Dublin. Lord Mayor Conroy has for a long time been an advocate for liveable cities, and for initiatives that enhance the social cohesion and sustainability of the community here in Ballymun.

For us, today’s visit by Dublin’s first citizen is an enormous encouragement for our work in Ballymun, and nationwide, as we bring people of all abilities and backgrounds together to find creative solutions to the environmental and climate crises.”

GAP’s Green Living and Sustainability (GLAS) community garden was set up to promote sustainable, local and organic food production, well-being and community engagement in Ballymun. 

The garden is used as a space of learning about ‘green living’ (through workshops on composting, soil management, biodiversity, organic horticulture, etc.). It also serves as a social inclusion hub for local individuals and organisations, who use the garden as a safe and secure place to develop their ability to mix socially, make friends and learn practical skills.

At a time that so many people feel confused or overwhelmed by the global climate and biodiversity crises, Global Action Plan aims to give people hope, and inspire them to discover their power as change makers. 

We re-connect people to their communities and to nature. Our message is that you do not need to be an expert to make a change; all you need is the courage to try, and the support of others. And that is why initiatives such as the GLAS garden are so important,” said Hans Zomer, CEO of Global Action Plan.

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