On 28 February, we launched a new climate challenge: a friendly competition for companies in the Irish funds and asset management industry.

We teamed up with the funds sector’s “Green Team Network” to organise a Funds Industry Climate Challenge which will see companies across the sector engage their employees on topics of behavioural change and climate change. The team-based challenge engages employees, enabling them to discover how small differences in our day-to-day behaviour can have a big impact on our carbon footprint.

People taking part in the Climate Challenge will try to carry out as many climate-positive activities as they can and log them on our online platform, powered by Ducky.

Each activity is registered on an online platform and converted into CO2 emissions saved. The team and company that have saved the greatest amount of greenhouse gas emissions are the inaugural winners of what we hope will become an annual competition.

Powered by the Ducky online platform, the competition will run for 2 weeks, from 17 until 28 April, and the winners will be announced at the Irish Funds Industry Association’s annual conference on 18 May.

The Funds Industry Climate Challenge provides a unique combination of encouragement, education and real life climate impact, offering participants a menu of 30+ activities, based on the four main areas of individual greenhouse gas emissions: Transport, Food, Consumption and Energy. 

Using aggregated climate data and Life Cycle Assessment analysis per activity, the challenge provides a gamified, research based engagement platform that aims to engage employees, create awareness and build a sustainable culture within companies and organisations.

By participating in the competition, people can discover practical ways to reduce their CO₂ emissions and make climate action part of their everyday lives.
panel discussion at the challenge launch
Photo: Clodagh Ruigrok

By launching the Climate Challenge we are offering staff in the sector the opportunity to discover their own power, and see how the small everyday lifestyle decisions we all make can also have an enormous collective impact.

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and if we are to address it effectively we will need to make changes at all levels of society.

It’s not an either-or situation. By helping people to discover their power to make small climate positive changes at home, we are also enabling them to discover their power as agents of change in their places of work and in wider society.

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