1. Health

bikes parked at a lake shore


Strength – Heart Health – Weight Loss

Physical strength and muscle mass are an obvious benefit from cycling every day. Instead of sitting still in a car or on a bus, your body is moving and working throughout your commute. There are many long-term benefits of daily cycling!

Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. In Ireland, the CSO says that the average work commute is 28.2 minutes (2016 figures). A half hour commute by bicycle makes sure you have your daily exercise in the bag!

Trainers and healthcare professionals view cycling as a safe way to lose weight. If you are fit properly to your bike, ride safely, and eating a healthy diet, cycling is a low-impact way to shed kilos.

2. No Pollution


No Emissions, and Faster than Public Transport

If your bicycle is human-powered, riding it produces zero emissions. This can help counteract the 4.6 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide released each year by the average passenger vehicle. 

It is important to note, however, that bicycles are not completely pollution free, with chain oil, rubber fragments and dirt coming off, but at significantly lower rates than from vehicles.

Secondly, any increased appetite as a result of cycling means you’ll be eating more food. Increased food consumption also means more demand for food production. But, it is possible to be earth-friendly about this! Why not turn to healthy, sustainable habits such as increasing plant-based foods? You’ll feel better fuelling with healthy low-fat foods and you’ll decrease your carbon footprint.

3. Empowerment

History and Agency

Did you know bikes have played a role in women’s rights movements throughout history? They were so empowering that many places outlawed the extensive use of cycles by women. Women were told to leave racing for the boys and avoid “bicycle face,” or a look of strain and exhaustion.

Women and cycling have come a long way since the 1800s, and bicycles continue to empower the world. In the scarcest regions, bicycles make treks to find water or food possible. Bicycles make school accessible in regions where students might not have transportation to go to class.


How many of us can honestly say we know how to fix our car? Bicycle maintenance does not need the tools and strength of passenger vehicle maintenance. Having the knowledge and skills to solve a problem is extremely empowering. Check to see if your local bike shops offer basic bike maintenance classes to help you!

4. Community

children on a group cycle

Group Rides and Bike Shops

Carpool? How about group ride! When you start cycling, you’ll begin to notice that other members of your community also commute by bike. Perhaps they would even like to discover new routes with you on the weekend. Many shops and organisations facilitate group rides, connecting the cycling community.

Bike shops are like cafés for cyclists. You get to know your mechanic like you know your barista and their advice will help you reach your goals. Staff at bike shops also know trails and routes to make your cycle more enjoyable!

Breaking Down Walls

Cycling connects people to their community through intimate steel-cage-free observation. A cycling commute can instead remind you that you are an integral member of your community. Remember, how you move through it matters.

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