Archive: May 2018

Planting for Pollinators

Pollinators support plant growth and make your garden more fruitful than without them. When they stop by your garden, they take nutrient rich pollen to help neighbouring areas. You may have heard dystopian worries of a future world without bees, but it’s easier to avoid this than you think! You can help keep bee populations […]

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Back in the Garden

Preparing the Beds The end of winter is often more predictable than this year, but don’t worry, you can still start on your garden! Even with the extra wet soil, we are preparing the ground for seed at the Green Living and Sustainability (GLAS) Community Garden. Throughout the winter, we covered the beds with cardboard […]

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Global Action Plan’s Community Gardener on growing in small spaces

No garden? no problem! Here’s a few tips on how to get started growing in small spaces. Go vertical: if you only have limited space – go up (think runner beans, tomatoes, climbers, etc). Pots: big and small, window boxes, hanging baskets, even old tyres, banged up bathtubs, fishing crates and many other “scrap” containers […]

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