Archive: June 2017

Youth Gardening Workshops

Our Youth Gardening Programme is available as a tailor-made programme spanning a number of weeks or as individual workshops.   HOW INVOLVEMENT IN GARDENING BENEFITS YOUNG PEOPLE: Gardening benefits kids’ health and well-being, their attitudes towards learning and the environment, their connections to community, and so much more. When it comes to vegetables, if they grow […]

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The Irish Spud – Growing Potatoes

There are 1000’s of potato varieties, each with distinct colours, shapes and flavour. As Ireland’s most well known veg it is worth growing potatoes even if you only have the smallest of spaces. SEED POTATOES: Seed potatoes aren’t really seeds at all. They are full-size potatoes that are allowed to start producing shoots, which you often see […]

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Gardening for Mental Health

Today marks The World Health Organisation’s World Mental Health Day 2016. At GAP we believe that community gardens are part of our ideal sense of what a community should be. And so their value is priceless. Each autumn, the culinary benefits of gardening overflow into our kitchens. But the benefits of horticulture extend much further….   We […]

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