‘Food for Thought!’

The Let’s Talk Science Festival celebrates Science Week 2018

Thursday 15th November, 6 pm – 8 pm and Saturday 17th November, 12 pm – 5 pm

At the Rediscovery Centre, The Boiler House, Ballymun.

Global Action Plan Ireland celebrates science week with a series of events in conjunction with the Rediscovery Centre on Thursday, 15th and Saturday, 17th November 2018.

Supported by Science Foundation Ireland, the Let’s Talk Science Festival aims to celebrate and promote the contribution that science makes to society – past, present and future; and to encourage and inspire public perception of science and technology to make them more accessible for the local community and the general public.

On Thursday 5th November, we have an evening to stimulate the senses as the festival looks at the Science of Food. This adult-only evening features a variety of demonstrations, speakers, information stands, and hands-on activities, including alcohol alchemy, science of edible seaweed, coffee chemistry, science of composting, how to make cheese, the science of bread, the energy harnessed from waste food and the impact of palm oil.

Exhibitors include This is Seaweed, AgriAware, Global Action Plan, Rediscovery Centre, DCU and IT Tallaght.

Please note: Thursday the 15th is an Adult only event. Festival organisers reserve the right to check photo ID and to refuse admission to anyone under the age of 18.

On Saturday 17th November, we have a family-fun day packed full of exciting activities aimed at stimulating children’s curiousity and interest in the fun world of science. From sensory science, chemistry of smells, science of chocolate, making liquid spheres, to body science, there is something for everyone! The highlights include:

  • Interactive exhibitions and demonstrations
  • Messy hands-on experiments, including making gel spheres, hunting for bugs, making light from potatoes and lemon volcanos!
  • Intriguing discoveries, such as the energy from waste food, the chemistry of smells, how food affects the immune system, biotechnology and brewing, how to make cheese, and the magic of coffee.
  • Theatrical shows, including Imaginosity, Dublin Children’s Museum, who will present Dr.Osity’s amazing live and interactive ‘Body Science’ show! This fully interactive show shows the magic of the body and how it works…from top, to toe!… and shows children all about their bodies and just how they work.

Show times: 12.30pm, 1.45pm and 3pm

Please note: The event is free and you do not need a ticket to attend. During times of high visitor numbers, the Rediscovery Centre may operate a queuing system. Festival organisers reserve the right to check photo ID and to refuse admission to anyone under the age of 18.



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