GAP in Ireland




Since establishing in 1995 Global Action Plan has delivered The Green Living Programme throughout Ireland, providing practical information on how to use energy efficiently reduce water and waste, and to shop ethically.




GAP IN BALLYMUN: Since 2000, GAP has managed an environmental programme for the community of Ballymun, Dublin as part of Europe’s largest regeneration project. Today GAP is still actively involved in the Ballymun community, with ongoing community gardening and environmental education initiatives in place.



GAP has since expanded its reach further, delivering diverse environmental programmes and workshops to communities, schools and businesses throughout Ireland. Collaborations with statutory and semi-state agencies, local authorities, local partnership companies, community groups and other charities have enabled this growth.




A member of the Irish Environmental Network and of the Environmental Pillar, GAP Ireland is part-funded by the IEN Core Funding Grant through the Department of Community, Climate Action & Environment.